The Double Life of Catherine Street

The Project- Creating a Double Life

The Double Life of Catherine Street project is part of the Catherine Street Dig 2011.

The project is a conspiracy with the street and its inhabitants to explore an alternative universe which has parallels to, but is distinct from, the ‘real’ life and history of the street.  In this shadowy double, the history street is transformed through a collaborative exercise in mythmaking.

The communal development of constructed identity embraces the principles of situated social practice, being democratic and participative, working with its community of practice on Catherine Street.  It draws on concepts of storytelling, on the tension between appearance and reality, on deconstructivist theory, on urban psychogeography and on Gothic notions of the doppelganger, the Other, hidden histories and the construction of narrative and reality.

This project is brought to you by gothicize, a Limerick-based  interdisciplinary collaborative art practice.

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