The Double Life of Catherine Street

Biographies of Collaborators
Tracy Fahey

Tracy Fahey, variously known as the Comtesse de Saint Germain or the Wandering Irishwoman, is fabled as the only member of the fair sex to become a member of the Freemasons Grand Lodge of Ireland.   Sundry reports dating from past centuries detail a woman of her description at the court of Louis XVI before the Bloody Revolution and some hundred years later as travelling companion and private secretary of a Mr. Harker in Transylvania.  She was last seen in the Year of Our Lord 1900 as guest of honour at the Masked Ball on Catherine Street before her strange disappearance..."

Aimee Lally

Aimee Lally invented musical statues at the age of six outside Bourke's Bar on Catherine Street.  Born into a poverty stricken family, she was shocked by the wealth and fortune that followed her simple but popular invention.  As the popularity of musical statues spread throughout Wester Europe, she led an increasingly luxurious and frivolous lifestyle, becoming addicted to strong liquour which eventually led to her ruin. In her later years she lost all her money.  Shamed, penniless and homeless, she wandered the streets of Limerick wearing a mask so no-one would recognise her.  Alas, one night, in a drunken haze, she fell into the Shannon.  Her body was never found, though the local man who witnessed her fall claimed that a huge sea monster had leapt up and dragged Miss Lally to the murky depths of the river.  He was later committed to a local asylum.

Lotte Bender

Lotte Bender ,more commonly known as Morlotte on the high seas, made a living in a brothel before becoming fed up of serving others. Deciding to serve herself she robbed a rich customer's gold and ship, whipped his crew under her command and has been sailing the seas around Ireland ever since, plundering other ships, causing chaos and only coming to land for a refill on rum in Bourke's Bar where she was able to get all the rumours doing the rounds about treasure ships passing through her waters. Word has it she struck a deal with a high priest dabbling in the arts.  They say she got more than she bargained for, her soul still haunting the docks along the Shannon to this day.

Steve Maher

Steve Maher (pronounced: Ngad-hal-co-let) is one of the lesser dark elder gods. For nearly a millennia he has dwelt beneath the Earths continental tectonic plates lying in wait for the time to come whence he will arise and purify the earth of all the unworthy. His reign will last for time eternal. His power is unmatched.  He enjoys rainy days and crossword puzzles. Humanity will fall as he will rise.

Evin Dennehy

Evin Dennehy was born Gabriel O Connor in Dublin in the 1930's. His father Michael O Connor and mother Roisin owned a children's toy shop on O' Connell Street. When his father Michael died an early death in the 1950's he decided he  wanted to know more about his  father and found out he was originally from Limerick,where he ran away from as a young child and ended up working for soldiers in Dublin during the war with England. He continued to manage the toy shop 'Miss Christies' until the late eighties where he then retired with his family.

Anne Culhane

Anne Culhane, or to use her professional name, S'Anne O' Caoí, was discovered at an early age to have the gift of the yarnspinner.   Was admitted into the honorary Order of Great Babblers by the age of ten and was awarded the title of Ra Ra Contour by the time she was 14 and has not looked back since....
The Limerusian Gazette has described her as a “weaver of words into webs of wonder and wit”.

Anastasia Artemeva

Anastasia Artemeva is known as an occult Russian poet of The Belle Epoque. Tartar in origin, she was thought to be one of the great descendants of Genghis Khan and thus was unofficially proclaimed the Ottoman prophet of Petrograd. Being persecuted by the Soviet regime, she fled the Motherland to find an exile in the green hills of Hibernia. There Anastasia still never found peace and it is believed she died of nostalgia, 

Josie O'Connor

Josie O' orphan child who wandered into Miss Christy’s work shop in 1870. The illegitimate child of a penniless local baker and a spanish sailor, she kept meticulous accounts for Miss Christy. Because of her painstaking attention to detail and a fondness for order and numbers, she patented the Catholic diary, which ensured the strict adherence to discipline and piousness which she became obsessed with. A terrible gossip, she recorded all of the scandalous events that ever occurred on Little Catherine Street

David Bowe

Prince David Bowe III,(to give him his full title)  heir to the throne of the kingdom of Djibouti, was born in 1774. Luck followed the young prince, he was adopted by the heirless King from a poverty stricken family. He escaped the 1795 Djibouti revolutions to come to Ireland where, in a chance encounter, he was granted land and the title of Earl. Rumour has it that on a visit to Limerick he picked a leaf from the legendary Magic Bush on Catherine Street. 
This event coincided with the drastic change in his good fortune. He was divorced by his wife and his failed buisness venture "wenches of the early evening" (an early bird menu version of 'ladies of the night') caused him to be arrested and stripped of his land and title. After a series of unfortunate, unsuccesful and embarrassing attempts at re-estabishing himself, this socialite finally dissapeared on Friday the 13th of May 1803.